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Through the jungles of Meghalaya

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Shreya, my friend from Mumbai and I planned a trip to Meghalaya this August 2018. The beginning of this dream trip to the north-east of India was a bit unusual. It will probably not be on any of your itineraries…. Continue Reading →

My Journey To The Finish Line Of A Full Marathon

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Finally, I could see the finish line. I was running in terrible pain. I had limped for what felt like ages. The entire stadium was vacant but for a few organizers and friends waiting for the last few runners at… Continue Reading →

The Heritage Tour Amidst Pulwama Escalation

My mother had been asking me to book my parents the tickets to Vaishno Devi for a long time. Every time either it was too expensive or too cold or too risky to go to Jammu. But this time, when… Continue Reading →

The Amazing People I Met On Thailand Vacation

Yes, this is another travelogue by me. But no, it is not the kind of travelogue you have seen me write. If you are looking to find an itinerary for a week’s travel to Thailand, look elsewhere. In this blog, I will… Continue Reading →

9 Day Itinerary For A Trip To Himachal

Sometime in July 2017, two of my friends Shreya, Bhoomika and I finally executed our plan to visit the beautiful Himachal. Himachal is beauty, calmness, and adventure in all its glory. Here is an itinerary that can hopefully help some of… Continue Reading →

How to pack for any trip to anywhere

Some years ago, I traveled quite a bit around Europe and lately a lot in India. And often people ask me how I manage to travel so light. I am particularly proud of this one time when I managed to go… Continue Reading →

Fun Things To Do On A Rainy Weekend

So, sitting in my room and looking at the rain through my window, I am feeling gloomy. I am just a sunny day kind of person. Rains strand me at home and is a big spoiler for my weekend plans…. Continue Reading →

Undeniable Proof That You Are A Feminist

“Feminist” has become a bad word because of some aggressive people who pushed too hard to get attention. But for the advocates of equality and human rights, it is still a clear and simple concept. It is not to treat women… Continue Reading →

What not to do while taking domestic flights in India

Lately, I have been taking domestic flights a lot in India and then here are a few lessons that I consolidated from these experiences. Some of these are my mistakes and some are from the experiences of my friends. But… Continue Reading →

Tasty Indian Mushroom Blend Curry

You would have used the Mushroom blend in a tea or a milk shake or even a latte, but today we ll talk about using it in a curry meal. This way it can become a part of your filling lunch or dinners. Try… Continue Reading →

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