Here is a list of Fitness challenges that gets straight to the point. Try each of them for at least a week. And do not hesitate to increase repetitions if you find them easier for your stamina. Better not decrease the repetitions as there will be no challenge left.

For Abs:

3 sets of: 15 burpees + 15 crunches

fitness challenge


For Cardio:

3 sets of: 60 skip rope jumps + 60-second planks

skip ropeplank

For Core:

3 sets of: 15 squats + 15 pushups

squatpush up

For Flexibility:

3 sets of: 12 Suryanamaskar(yoga sun salutation) + 60 second Dhanurasana(bow pose)

sun salutationdhanurasana-yoga-pose

There is no lecture here. Direct information. These fitness challenges are tried and tested. My favorite is the plankathon one. I love skipping ropes in between planks. I am pretty much addicted to it. For a more elaborate workout plan, go to this 12-week guide. Share your experience with each of these challenges.