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The Hidden Tears

It is a beautiful sunset. She sits in the cold breeze near the shore and the sound of waves gives her company. Her pain seems to have turned into tears running down her cheeks. But before the tears could come down her face, it starts to drizzle. And the raindrops become one with her tears. It brings a smile to her face. Her eyes close while spreading the arms and embracing the rain. She wants to stay there and feel the rain breeze longer but she has to go. She has to go. And has to move on. So she picks up her bag and walks back towards the routine hustle of the city. -ShiningPoornima.

Please dont cry..

  If you remember me when I am away…   Just dance with your heart when you hear a familiar tune, Take pictures of the birds in the open skies of June.   If you remember me when I am away…   Wave your hand at me And I ‘ll see you through the moon, But please you don’t cry I ‘ll be with you very soon.   -ShiningPoornima.

Tale of a Rose: Setting my inner poet ablaze

The “Tale of a Rose” has been one of my favorite poems. I wrote it in school and instantly became famous when it got published in the national newspaper “The Hindu”. I don’t know what inspired the hidden pain in… Continue Reading →

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