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My Journey To The Finish Line Of A Full Marathon

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Finally, I could see the finish line. I was running in terrible pain. I had limped for what felt like ages. The entire stadium was vacant but for a few organizers and friends waiting for the last few runners at… Continue Reading →

Tasty Indian Mushroom Blend Curry

You would have used the Mushroom blend in a tea or a milk shake or even a latte, but today we ll talk about using it in a curry meal. This way it can become a part of your filling lunch or dinners. Try… Continue Reading →

Running Challenge – 100 Days Accomplished

So I just completed my 100 days of running Challenge. Though the least distance we had decided upon was 5km, my co-challengers and I really ended averaging 6km overall by the end of the challenge. It seems almost unfair if… Continue Reading →

Challenge Accepted – A Test Of My Running Consistency

Challenge Accepted. This is so exciting! It’s Day 21. Every Self-help Guru or Fitness Coach will tell you that for any new set of actions to become a habit it requires at least 21 days of consistent practice. And it… Continue Reading →

Fitness Gear Must Haves

Some of the must-have fitness gears with every fitness fanatic are listed below: 1. Fitness Tracker: Top of the list, hands down. Fitness trackers are a must have fitness gear for people who workout regularly. It helps you set goals,… Continue Reading →

4 Daily Fitness Challenges To Try

Here is a list of Fitness challenges that gets straight to the point. Try each of them for at least a week. And do not hesitate to increase repetitions if you find them easier for your stamina. Better not decrease… Continue Reading →

5 Tips To Have A Healthier Lifestyle

The first thought that comes to your mind when someone talks about getting healthier is “More Exercise” but save the anxiety for something else because I am going to list down here five very simple tips that are so important… Continue Reading →

How to decide on Workout Frequency?

It’s always a huge decision to start working out with discipline and take the responsibility of your health into your hands. But if you are one of the people who has already taken the plunge you should know that the… Continue Reading →

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