Challenge Accepted. This is so exciting! It’s Day 21.

challenge accepted

Every Self-help Guru or Fitness Coach will tell you that for any new set of actions to become a habit it requires at least 21 days of consistent practice. And it is 100% true. I have tried it several times myself, for picking up any new habit that improves either my productivity or my fitness.

So you are still wondering what have I done for the last 21 days to be excited about. I took up….hold your breath….a 100 days of running challenge. Yes. That’s 100 days of non-stop, no excuses, location independent, time-independent, fitness gear independent running. I decided to keep a limit of 5 km minimum distance throughout this duration.

What do you need to take up a similar challenge yourself?

  1. A Goal: Mine is to run a full marathon before the end of this year. I am running Half Marathons since long and have grown comfortable with it. Time for the big leap to Full Marathons of 42 km. Also, I want to eliminate walking anytime in between my runs.
  2. A Buddy: Mine is a bunch of friends from the running group near my area. Say cheers to Pune Running Group! Someone or the other turns up every day to accompany me. But yes, sometimes be prepared to run alone as well.
  3. A Pair of shoes: Comfortable. Not too tight. With laces preferably. Doesn’t apply if you run barefoot of course. And ya, carry them with you if you travel. If you forget, get something to wear that’s close enough and suitable for your run.

Already in 21 days, I’ve seen some minor challenges and learning. I’ll share more on them in upcoming posts. Keep following this blog to join my journey and do share your fitness journey in the comments below.