I am coming to end of a running challenge I took up. To know more about it read my earlier article Challenge accepted. And so I run every day whether it is sunny or whether it rains. Today was one such rainy day. It was a lovely little hair wash that I ended up with after my run but what happened after my hair dried was not something that I had desired. My skin and hair were dry and the hair looked like a dried coconut hair broomstick by the end of the day. And hey needless to say what the rain would have done to my skin. They are dry and rough like never before. All that soaking of the body in the rain seems to have sucked all my moisture by the end of it. Ironic!

       So now coming to the point of combating this situation, I would say that there are a few techniques I swear by and felt like sharing with you all…

For skin:


  1. Drink water: Lots of it. All day. Being an avid workout-a-holic, I cannot insist enough on the importance of detoxicating and building on health and immunity from within. Dehydration from inside is single most important step anyone can take against dry skin or dry hair. Especially, during monsoon and otherwise.
  2. Cleansing and Moisturising: Softness of the skin has to be maintained with the consistent cleansing of skin and moisturizing thereafter. Taking care not to use very harsh or heavy cleansers that in fact leave the skin drier than it was.
  3. Avoid Facials and Scrubbing: Scrubbing can be done as long as the scrub is soap free. Facials are certainly a no-no due to is highly drying nature.
  4. Hot water bath: The whole body can be taken care of by using hot or lukewarm water to take bath. Nothing like it when you are just back home from a tiring rainy run. Don’t you agree?

For hair:


  1. Good Shampoo: Frizzy sticky hair at the end of monsoon evening is not the kind of hair your boyfriend would want to run his hands through.
  2. Simple Hairdo: A French plait is beautiful for long hair but doesn’t really make sense when you are vulnerable to getting drenched in the monsoon on your way back from work. Imagine the work involved in untangling all the hair after that. No conditioner can help from hair loss in such case. So yeah, keep it simple, ladies.
  3. Oil treatment: If all tricks failed and you have ended up with sticky frizzy hair from rain then please apply some hair to it and make that shampoo do the rest while having a warm shower.

Supplement for hair and skin:

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Beauty .jpgBy going for trusted supplements from sellers like VLCC it is granted that we are doing our skin and hair a favor not only during the monsoons but also in long-term as well. Because a good beauty supplement containing Amla is always beneficial beyond just temporary exterior treatments. The focus is on purified and oxidating the blood and automatically prevent aging.

Share your experiences and tips for beauty care during monsoons. As a bonus for reading this blog till the end, I give you the link to my article on What to eat for a clear and shiny skin.