Let’s talk about a boring but rewarding task to organize your wardrobe. One disclaimer before going through the below blog is that you are not allowed to have special feelings or emotional connection to any of your garment. Be brutal and be practical and don’t worry you will be rewarded in many other ways later.



Clustering does not mean to gather as much as you can without any plan. But instead, it means to gather clothes with an inspiration in mind. Start with one garment which many colors or elements(buttons, layers, frills, borders).  Pick colors or elements from this favorite garment of yours and try to purchase your next garment with that in mind.

Say the inspiration has pink, green and white in it. Go for a white legging, pink jacket, top with a variant of green, or buy stripes even as long as it goes with your inspiration. This way you ‘ll end up making a cluster of 7 to 8 garments where everything goes with everything. And the mix and match ability of the cluster will save you a lot of money with your next purchases too.



I write about clearing after clustering because you will have a fair idea of what’s useless in your wardrobe by the time you get to the clearing. I have written earlier about clearing and tidying up the house can be an essential part of a Healthy lifestyle(My blog on 5 tips to a healthier life) especially because it is capable of freeing your mind in more ways than one.

Think of each garment as qualifiers to 3 categories: Keep, Recycle or Donate/Throw. If you haven’t worn a dress for six months chances are that you are not going to wear it anymore so think of either donating it or fix it if it has size issues. Don’t pile too much in recycling category because unless you know to sew yourself it will be very difficult to fix them all. Recycling can be done by other ways apart from sewing which we will talk about in the next section. But here we just need to focus on the joys of clearing the jammed up wardrobe. And no, clearing your wardrobe is not an excuse to go shopping again immediately!

Reinventing basics


I personally make a list of every garment I own and fix a schedule to when I am going to wear each of them sequentially. It saves me time to decide what to wear before rushing out to work each morning. But you need to agree with me on this. Find your own way to use your wardrobe most effectively. Some like to make a cluster for each week and take it out on the first day of the week for use. But here this section is about reinventing the Basics.

This is what I meant when I said we’ll talk more about recycling later. That standard blue denim, that black legging or the white shirt go with everything but can easily be overused or get boring. How to reuse it with a twist is up to you. Before you go with drastic design changes with the fit, cut or frills think about accessorizing. Wear that shirt with a short skirt for a change or that denim with a blazer for a semi-formal look. That standard black legging can be upgraded with some laces at the bottom or cut short to 3/4th length to be able to use for workouts. Get innovative. Click here for more ideas(How to find what suits you).

Shopping smartly

shopping smartly

Let’s talk about preconditions of shopping first. Do not wear high heels or heavy clothing while going for shopping. It makes you lazy from trying things on(biggest shopping mistake). Have a look at your cluster again and stick to the missing element in it. Maybe your cluster has a beautiful skirt that can go with another top or a pretty little sleeveless less that needs a cardigan for the winter. If you look at your clusters before shopping you have a high chance of wearing one of the pieces to shop as well so that you know exactly what you are going to pair it with.

If you like shopping online stick to trusted sites that have your sizes and the fabric as promised. Having a preset budget or occasion in mind is helpful because it prevents you from impulse buying(most online buyers are women and a huge section of them are impulse buyers). And last but not the least, if something is cheap doesn’t mean you need it. You just want it. Do not get blinded by sale boards. Always, always and always go for quality versus quantity. Does not have to be branded but not always the cheapest too. If you have to buy street side at a vacation, think accessories. They make for great souvenirs while being lighter on the pocket.

Happy Clearance! Please comment if you found this blog useful.


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